Joining Process
To express an interest in joining Herga Lodge, please contact our lodge Secretary. His role includes having responsibility for providing information to you as a prospective member of the lodge as well as guiding you through the joining process, which typically consists of the following stages:

  • Your initial enquiry via this website
  • Informal chat by telephone, email or in person to establish personal contact. This is an ideal time to ask questions about both Freemasonry and Herga Lodge in particular. Should you then wish to proceed with your application for membership of Herga Lodge, this part of the process is a great opportunity to identify a Proposer and Seconder in support of your petition.
  • A short meeting with the lodge Committee
  • The Committee meeting having been a success, during a Lodge meeting your Proposer and Seconder formally announce your wish to join Herga Lodge
  • A minimum of one calendar month having elapsed since you were Proposed and Seconded for membership, a ballot is held among the members of Herga Lodge
  • The ballot being successful, you attend your first meeting as a candidate for Initiation into Herga Lodge. You are a Freemason!

If you would like a good insight into one man’s experience of the process, below appears his account of researching Freemasonry in general, before approaching Herga Lodge for further information, and ultimately deciding to join our Lodge.

I was first approached to consider Freemasonry whilst studying at university, and knew so little about it that I regretfully declined. However, after a period of deliberation, that came with more and more information on the Craft, I eventually realised it was very compatible with my own beliefs and obligations and was something right up my street.

 I started my journey into Freemasonry online and in doing so was welcomed into a Brotherhood honoured by time. As it is in a brotherhood we have duties to each other and Man. As a Mason you are welcomed with open arms and fit in almost automatically into the fellowship.

 As I write this, I have been a Mason for the breadth of 2-3weeks and if there was but one word that would best symbolise my journey thus far, it would be: togetherness.  Ever since meeting my fellow brethren I have had a true sense of togetherness which constitutes having an immediate bond, a bond that has togetherness deeply interwoven into it.

 When first meeting my proposer and seconder (having made an appointment to meet them at the Masonic Centre), I found them very welcoming, they gave me lots of  useful information as well as letting me know what duties were expected of me. 

 Since joining I have been surrounded by honorable brothers who are always eager to help and make you feel at ease at every step of the way. Joining is something that I am so glad I have done.

Like to know more? If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, please contact our Secretary – [email protected]