PM Breast Jewel – Nonus

This Past Master’s Breast Jewel was presented by the Brethren of the Lodge to the 9th (Nonus in Latin) Master of the Lodge, W Bro Stonen William Hunt, on 18th November 1905.

The practice of presenting such jewels to a Master on conclusion of his term of office is well established but if subsequently he receives Provincial or London Honours it is traditionally “not done” to wear it with his new regalia. What he then does with it is his business but many Past Masters return it to the Lodge so that it can be re-issued to another new Past Master. The cost of having new jewels made today is quite expensive, so returning them has a beneficial effect on Lodge finances!

This particular jewel was eventually re-issued to W Bro Rufus E Moyle, 76th Master, in November 1972.

It is currently the oldest surviving Past Master’s Breast Jewel that the Lodge has in its possession.