Hall Stone Jewel

The Hall Stone Jewel. Shortly after the First World War (then known as ‘The Great War’) Grand Lodge decided, in response to a suggestion from the then MW The Grand Master, to build a new headquarters for the English Craft as a memorial to the many brethren who had given their lives during the War. For this purpose an appeal was made to every member of the Constitution for contributions to the fund which came to be known as the Masonic Million Memorial Fund. Contributions were to be entirely voluntary and were to be recognised by special commemorative medals, or jewels. There was one type for each of the three categories of subscribers, of the same basic design but of different sizes and precious metals. For our purposes the medal pictured here, in gold on a light blue collarette, was to be worn by successive Masters of lodges contributing an average of ten guineas per member, such lodges to be known as Hall Stone Lodges, thus giving the jewel its name. 1,321 lodges at home and abroad qualified as Hall Stone Lodges, their names and numbers being inscribed on commemorative marble panels in the main ceremonial entrance vestibule of Freemasons’ Hall.
Herga Lodge is proud to be amongst their number. The jewel is worn by the Master as part of his Masonic clothing and he transfers it to his successor on nights of Installation.